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About Christine Collen

Since my teenage years (a long, long time ago), I have been programming computers. My very first techy job at the tender age of 18 was at the Institute of Child Health in London as computer assistant. I learnt to program in FORTRAN – a programming language that is as old as the “dead sea scrolls” and how to use those hefty beasts called key punch machines.

My programming career progressed through the decades 70s, 80s, 90s at various organisations such as the London Stock Exchange, Alexander Howden Insurance Brokers and the British Council.

In 1993, my husband and I started an IT consultancy business, providing IT support and services to SME's in and around south London.

Back then (early 90s), the internet and website stuff was definitely NOT THERE for many SMEs.

My role in the business was software developer.  I built bespoke business database applications with Microsoft Access and SQL Server.

Around 2005, I started getting into website development as a number of our customers were asking us to build their websites.

In 2006-07, I studied with the Open University to gain a broad technical foundation in web application development. This was a 2-year undergraduate course which I am proud to say I passed with distinction! I thoroughly enjoyed it, including the end-course assignments.

This gave me a good grounding in hand-coding websites with html, css, javascript, php and sql.

Around 2010, I discovered a content management system called CMS Made Simple.  And since then, I have been using it for all my website builds.

Although I have learnt a lot along the way, I am still learning. Each new web project that I undertake, I know that I will be discovering something new. And I just love that.

On a personal level, I am "nanny" to 2 wonderful little people. And they are growing up real fast.

In 2016, my husband and I escaped to the country from South London.  We are now living in a lovely home in one of Shropshire's oldest market towns, Whitchurch.  The neighbourhood is very friendly and the town is close to the beautiful Shropshire / Cheshire / North Wales countryside.

And, yes, I am still building websites. And I don't know when I will ever stop because I don't want to!